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A little bit about us:

DSP Genetics was established in 2016. Its origins date back to the late nineties, based on several years of growing, collecting and experimenting by a couple. Käfer and la Fée Verte, in 2010, learned they were sharing the same passion for Cannabis breeding.

Since the foundation until today DSP Genetics expanded: this allowed to improve research and selection, together with further skills and expertise acquisition.

We love to work with very special genetic groups and to select uncommon phenotypes. In order to create hybrids with totally new characteristics, the great part of our work is focused on breeding special males.
We only work with in-house selected and developed genetics; we choose parents based on strength and resistance.

We aim as well for original terpene profiles, bag appeal and resin quality: the plant should be visually fascinating as for colours, resin type and buds shape, and it should stimulate our senses thanks to its terpenes.
We commit ourselves to producing quality seeds, that are going to develop beautiful plants, pleasant to cultivate and to take care of, thought both for the amateur and for the professional, with a good phenotype stability with regards to regular seeds, and based on low to no tendency to hermaphroditism for feminized seeds.

We believe that keeping on offering regular seeds is essential to the development and conservation of genetics biodiversity of Cannabis.
Everything is done with ecological awareness and according to natural processes, carrying out agronomic defense strategies that are safe for human health, and respectful of animals and environment.