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Our best selection – Crumbled Lime

Here we’re going to talk about one of our best selection…our delicious CRUMBLED LIME!

The first intention was to find a breeding-parent for our Platinum, which would bring some more cookies traits, with gas and citric terpenes. We chose Crumbled Lime, from Karma Genetics, hoping to find what we were looking for. We germinated 48 seeds, resulting in 20 females, in which one of them stood out because of its exceptional characteristics: immense resin production, special and persistent terpenes, fantastic bag appeal and flowering time of just 50 days, turning violet at the minimum temperature variation.

After the initial crosses, we understood we achieved the target. Our Crumbled Lime gives an optimal branchy structure, lime/incense/gas terpenes which are intense until the last hit and an enormous quantity of resin glands that gives the buds a “frosty” appearance.

These special characteristics dominates in all of the crossings and mixes perfectly with our cookies/OG selections… We are sure that this genotype will become a “must” in our breeding job.