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Our best selection – Platinum Huckleberry Cookies

In order to find new terpenes profiles and exotic genetics, we were looking at the always growing an full of news American seeds marketplace; especially, a seed bank from Oregon got our attention, Dynasty Genetics, known for offering very vigorous and unique terpenes, which we could observe in our Oregon Huckleberry IBL.
In 2016 we obtained five packs of Platinum Huckleberry Cookies, which promised to satisfy our curiosity. From the 45 germinated seeds we got 18 females and 27 males; from the very first beginning we figured out we were working with three principal groups of phenotypes, in which one that standed out for its incredible bag appeal, violet tonalities and very original terpenes.
Having that fantastic characteristics, we decided to mantain this female and improve it by backcross with Oregon Huckleberry to add some vigor to it.
Satisfaction came when, with the BX2, we could see more omogeneity and dominant traits all over the descended: regular Double Berry Cookies BX2 was born. (Meanwhile we selected a very aromatic and resinous male, Platinum Huckleberry Cookies#3 male, which became one of the best).
But the real surprise was when we tested the seeds, finding one pheno (#4) that conserves with more intensity and strenght the unique essence of its mother.
We decided to bring Double Berry Cookies BX2#4 to various competitions, winning several in a short time.
With our customers demanding a feminized version of the award winning Double Berry Cookies BX2#4 we offered the S1, aka Platinum Cookies, in which the spirit of all our work on this incredible genetic reveals itself.
We take the opportunity one more time to give thanks to Dynasty Genetics, for introducing us to these unique genetics in which we can continue working on.