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Our best selection – Crockett’s Tangie

One of our goals has always been to fix the unique characteristics of the famous Crockett’s Tangie, which despite being considered of the “older” generation, remains a must for any breeder interested in its incredible citric-mandarin terpene, with an exceptional intensity that tends to dominate in every cross. We turned to the original creators, Crockett Family, sowing around two hundred seeds.

From the resulting 80 females we selected three phenotypes with different morphological characteristics but in common the same sweet and intense mandarin terpene. After many cross tests, the best was the pheno with more vigor, speed and branching, moreover capable of fully transmitting its overwhelming and characteristic terpene.

She has since become one of our favorite mothers who has never disappointed in hybridization. Tangie Zest V1, Tangie Zest V2 and Bubble Tangie are the genetics currently in the catalog and we will continue to create new hybrids with unique characteristics using our exceptional Crockett’s Tangie.